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How we work

More than just an agency

We're a partner in your digital success. We work with you to understand your business objectives and develop solutions that help you meet them.

Data-driven approach

Our data-driven approach ensures we are always focused on delivering results. We will work collaboratively to help you identify opportunities, craft a strategic plan, and drive the innovation required to move forward in a digital world.

Embrace the unknown

Our agile, iterative methodologies allow us to adapt to changing circumstances and emerging trends. Our flexible teams can implement incremental improvements and strengthen solutions that are already in play.

Above and beyond

Our user-centric, forward-thinking mentality means that we're always looking for new ways to help you grow.

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Innovative digital solutions since day 1


Since our creation we have created close, long term partnerships with our clients to ideate, plan, design, and deliver future-proof digital products that make an impact.

We are leaders, designers, and developers but most importantly people with a passion for beautiful and useful digital products.

Innovation has no borders, and neither do we. Our international team spans the globe, but Reykjavik, New York, and Montevideo are where we hang our hats.

This isn't just a number — it's a testament to our unwavering commitment, and our relentless drive for perfection. Partner with us and watch your digital dreams come to fruition.

Our Values

Be human

People are the priority


Believe in good outcomes and nature

Stay foolish

Have fun, learn more, enjoy life


Strive for the best possible outcome

Lead by experience

Gangverk is led by a team with diverse backgrounds in software engineering, finance, design, product, analytics and marketing.

With a proven track record of success that bridges entire industries, our team is committed to delivering innovative and customized digital solutions.

Our Brands: Diverse Solutions Under One Roof

At Gangverk, we are proud to foster a portfolio of dynamic brands, each dedicated to enhancing specific facets of the digital and technological landscape. Our family of brands includes Basta,, and Zaelot, each bringing unique expertise and specialized solutions to the table. Together, they exemplify our commitment to innovation, quality, and client-focused results. Discover how each brand contributes to our holistic approach to digital excellence.


Empowering Digital Transformation with a People-First Approach

Zaelot excels in the tech industry by providing bespoke and specialized staff augmentation services. Emphasizing a culture of trust and cooperation, the company offers comprehensive software engineering, UI/UX design, and project management tailored to meet the specific needs of sectors such as finance, education, and green energy. With its recent integration into Gangverk, Zaelot has expanded its capabilities, enhancing its ability to handle larger and more intricate projects. Central to its mission, Zaelot empowers its clients by aligning the right expertise to their immediate and strategic needs, ensuring success in a dynamic digital environment.

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Revolutionizing Auctions for Social Sellers

Basta is a world-class auction tool specifically designed for social sellers. Combining the reach and engagement of social media with the dynamic and competitive environment of auctions, this innovative platform has already been utilized to power custom auctions for notable figures and organizations, including Pharrell Williams, Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman, and the David Lynch Foundation, as well as for luxury real estate auctions.

Innovating Home Care Communication is at the forefront of innovating home care communication, emphasizing the human element for both care receivers and providers. Through extensive product development, bolstered by 100+ hours of contextual interviews and the successful launch of three products for TheKey, is poised to transform the home health care market. This platform, rooted in real-world experience and deep client pain point understanding, is led by senior product leaders with vast product and health tech experience.

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