Building Your Data Foundation for AI


FORA Conservatory, 35-41 Folgate Street, London

Date and Time

May 30, 2024 at 07:00


Create a Data Foundation to Deliver AI and Transform Customer Experience

Dive into the essentials of building a robust data foundation for AI at our exclusive roundtable discussion. This focused session brings together top minds in technology to share their insights on leveraging data architectures, analytics, and AI integrations that drive business innovation and operational efficiency. Gain actionable strategies to empower your organization with data-driven decision-making capabilities that pave the way for advanced AI applications.


Adrian Keating

Executive Director Commercial @ PLAY Airlines

Adrian has a proven track record of thriving in commercial restructures and entrepreneurial environments, with experience in developing action-oriented commercial teams that are always searching for improvement. Adrian's previous roles include VP of Sales, Marketing, and Distribution at Norse Atlantic Airways, easyjet, Etihad Airways and British Airways.

Einar Gustafsson

Head of Product @ Gangverk

Einar leads product operations at Play Airlines and is deeply involved in their innovation and digital transformation initiatives. Einar has extensive experience building new ventures and leading diverse teams across travel and fintech. Einar's previous roles include VP of Product at Meniga, Bokun, Tixly and Getlocal.

Douglas Cirillo

Head of Marketing @ Gangverk

Douglas brings over 15 years of experience in implementing data-driven and technology-enhanced product and marketing strategies. With an MBA in Marketing, he specializes in the integration of advanced technologies such as CDP, martech, and MACH. His strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Twilio Segment and Contentful highlight his dedication to delivering superior service and cutting-edge solutions.

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