Our industry expertise brings innate value and empathy into our work

Healthcare & Health Services

Human-first design is at the center of all we do. We build solutions for healthcare service providers to not only optimize their operations, but also enhance the care provided to patients.

We can help you implement:

  • Smart home systems/IoT solutions
  • Mobile apps
  • Administrative and scheduling tools
  • Customer data platforms
  • Solutions that improve communication, and engagement

E-Commerce & Auctions

Gangverk has a long history with creating bespoke digital commerce and auction solutions for luxury brands. We understand the importance of delivering high quality personalized experiences and preserving tradition with innovative thinking and tech.

We can help you implement:

  • Customized digital tools to help manage auctions, sales, and marketing campaigns
  • Interactive auction platforms
  • Scaled experiences for buyers and sellers

Financial Services

The fintech industry demands innovation and customers demand quality. Fortunately we can do both through digital solutions that improve customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Nothing should come between you and your money. So we design experiences that make it feel like there isn’t.

We can help you implement:

  • Online banking solutions
  • Integrations with transactional banking systems

Travel & Hospitality

Great experiences are at the core of our work and we love adventures ranging from expedition travel and adventure tourism to airlines and aviation. So believe us when we say we understand the challenges of managing and delivering exceptional solutions that take travel and hospitality to the next level.

We can help you implement:

  • Mobile apps
  • Integration with booking systems
  • Guest management platforms
  • Customer data platforms and marketing technology

We don't stop at knowing our craft

Through research and collaboration, our goal is to know (almost) as much about your business as you do. Couple that sector-specific know-how and time-tested experience and you have a team you can trust to build software and services you need to thrive.

Our work