Gangverk and Lindblad Expeditions

Charting New Digital Horizons

Published: August 16, 2021

Updated: February 26, 2024

Discover the exciting partnership between Gangverk and Lindblad Expeditions as they embark on a digital transformation journey to enhance customer experiences in expedition travel.

Gangverk is proud to announce our partnership with Lindblad Expeditions, a renowned expedition travel company. This collaboration is set to revolutionize Lindblad's digital infrastructure, enhancing the customer journey in expedition travel.

Elevating Digital Experiences in Expedition Travel

Lindblad Expeditions, known for their extraordinary, life-altering travel experiences, is now poised to replicate these experiences in the digital realm. This partnership aims to introduce a new level of convenience for customers, from exploring expedition options to accessing memories post-adventure.

A Seamless Digital Journey for Lindblad's Guests

The first fruit of this collaboration is the launch of Lindblad's revamped website, a significant step towards a comprehensive and ambitious digital journey. This initiative ensures a frictionless client experience, reflective of the high standard of service that Lindblad's guests deserve.

Innovative Tech Solutions and New Voyages

Lindblad is creating cutting-edge tech solutions, and its new polar vessel, National Geographic Endurance, will embark on its inaugural voyage from Iceland. This blend of technological innovation and unique travel experiences symbolizes the essence of our partnership.

Praise for the Partnership

  • Gangverk's Perspective: "Working with a brand that positively impacts the world is an honor. Lindblad's long-standing commitment to extraordinary expeditions and educating travelers about our planet is inspiring," says Mr. Stephensen of Gangverk.

  • Lindblad's Acknowledgment: "Gangverk's holistic approach has enabled us to implement deep and lasting changes in our digital development efforts," notes David Goodman, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Lindblad.

Embark on a Digital Voyage with Gangverk

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Oli Bjorn Stephensen

Chief Marketing Officer

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