Gangverk Acquires Zaelot

Zaelot, known for its cutting edge solutions, will complement Gangverk’s existing services, bolster its capabilities and solidify it’s position in tech innovation and digital transformation

We announced today our definitive agreement to acquire Zaelot, a fast growing technology services firm, renowned for its innovative software solutions and high level of service.

The move marks a significant milestone in Gangverk’s strategy to expands its service offering and enhance its position in the digital solutions sector. This acquisition is anticipated to bring synergies that will contribute to increased value for clients, partners and stakeholders of both companies.

We have been collaborating with Zaelot for over two years to support our journey at Gangverk. The acquisition allows us to broaden and improve our service range. The combined strengths enhance our competitiveness and enables us to take on even larger and intricate projects.

Atli Thorbjornsson, CEO of Gangverk

Zaelot, known for its cutting edge solutions, will complement Gangverk’s existing services and bolster its capabilities to serve an ever growing client base. The Zaelot team is equally excited about the acquisition and the opportunities it presents.

Gangverk’s commitment to excellence, their client focused approach and their vision for the future aligns perfectly with ours. We’re joining an international company and I truly believe that our collaboration will lead to something even greater than the sum of our parts.

Jeff Lombard CEO of Zaelot

About Gangverk

Gangverk is a prominent provider of digital transformation, offering a range of services for international clients in multiple sectors. The company is known for its commitment to innovation, client satisfaction and technical excellence.

About Zaelot

Zaelot was incorporated in 2020 by the Lombard and Clark brothers. Having grown organically without external investment, the company focuses on long term client success and believes companies are essentially communities of people. Specializing in enterprise grade solutions, Zaelot is proud of its people-first ethos. Now spanning across 15 countries with over 90 professionals Zaelot’s core values hinge on trust, cooperation and mutual assistance.


Einar Gustafsson

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