Kvika bank has selected Gangverk
to help build their new digital products
and services.

This collaboration is an important step in the commercial bank’s strategy to excel in the digital space and become a leader in its field. Gangverk’s track record of highly dependable solutions is sure to facilitate that mission.The companies have already released the Audur app and launched a new website which is a fully enabled self service online savings account for individuals, offering the best interest available on market.

"Working with Kvika has been a wonderful experience. We’ve been able to leverage our experience and quickly release effective products with their vision and leadership. I look very much forward to continuing to create amazing things with Kvika." said Atli Thorbjornsson, Gangverk’s CEO

Hlöðver, Head Of Information Technology at Kvika, had this to say about the collaboration: “Gangverk is a key partner for Kvika moving forward. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to deploy their experience in delivering digital transformation on a grand scale globally to help us with our own ambitious digital goals.”

It’s been a pleasure working with Gangverk, they are so much more than a vendor, they operate as a partner and constantly push us to greater heights all while maintaining a high standard of quality and delivery.” said Hilmar, Director of Business Development at Kvika.

About Kvika

Kvika is a specialized bank focusing on asset management and investment services.

The bank places emphasis on developing long term partnerships with clients through responsive and versatile services tailored to meet their individual needs.

Along with providing clients with exceptional services and providing its stakeholders with healthy dividends the bank puts social responsibility up front and aims to have a positive, long-term impact on the community, with particular emphasis on education.

Kvika can have a major impact on the society in which it operates. One aspect of this is special emphasis on positively influencing the development and efficiency of financial markets. 


About Gangverk

Gangverk is a Reykjavik and New York based, full service digital agency, specializing in large scale, end-to-end solutions for established companies with international operations. Clients include Sotheby’s, CBS, Kvika Bank, Icelandair and Lindblad Expeditions.

For more information find us on LinkedInInstagram and Facebook or get in touch through contact@gangverk.is