Kvika Bank Partners with Gangverk for Digital Innovation

Published: July 29, 2021

Updated: May 22, 2024

Learn about the dynamic partnership between Kvika Bank and Gangverk, aimed at revolutionizing digital banking experiences through innovative products and services.

Gangverk is excited to announce our collaboration with Kvika Bank, a strategic move that aligns with the commercial bank's vision to excel in the digital space and establish itself as a leader in the industry. This partnership underscores Gangverk's commitment to delivering innovative digital solutions in the banking sector.

Revolutionizing Digital Banking with Kvika

Our collaboration involves building new digital products and services that reflect Kvika Bank’s ambition to transform and modernize its digital offerings. The companies have already seen success with the launch of the Audur app and a new website, which features a fully enabled self-service online savings account for individuals.

Gangverk and Kvika: A Synergy of Vision and Expertise

    Gangverk’s CEO, Atli Thorbjornsson: “Working with Kvika has been a wonderful experience. We’ve leveraged our expertise to quickly release effective products that align with their vision. I look forward to continuing to create amazing things with Kvika.”

    Hlöðver, Head of IT at Kvika: “Gangverk is a key partner for us moving forward. Their experience in delivering digital transformation on a global scale is instrumental to our digital goals.”

    Hilmar, Director of Business Development at Kvika: “It’s been a pleasure working with Gangverk. They operate as a partner, constantly pushing us to greater heights while maintaining high standards of quality and delivery.”

About Kvika Bank

Kvika Bank is a specialized bank focusing on asset management and investment services. The bank emphasizes long-term client partnerships, responsive services, and social responsibility, particularly in education and positively influencing financial markets.

About Gangverk

Gangverk, based in Reykjavik and New York, is a full-service digital agency specializing in large-scale, end-to-end solutions. Our client portfolio includes Sotheby’s, CBS, Icelandair, and Lindblad Expeditions.

Explore Digital Transformation with Gangverk

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Oli Bjorn Stephensen

Chief Marketing Officer

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