Expedition Cruise Digital Platform Overhaul

A Case Study

Published: April 10, 2024

Updated: May 22, 2024

A luxury expedition cruise company revamps its digital platform with Gangverk, achieving a seamless transition and 99.99% system uptime, enhancing online bookings.

Gangverk's partnership with an expedition cruise operator embarked on an ambitious project to revamp the esteemed expedition company's digital infrastructure. The collaboration aimed at not only modernizing the company's digital presence but also streamlining operational processes through cutting-edge platform development.


The luxury expedition cruise company encountered significant obstacles in broadening its market appeal, particularly among younger demographics. A primary hurdle was the company's reliance on an antiquated online booking and payment system, which resulted in a disproportionate dependence on call centers for managing reservations—a method at odds with the expectations of a digitally savvy clientele.


Gangverk's solution was multifaceted and strategic, focusing on the development of a headless platform that leveraged re-usable services for an array of functions, including product management, online bookings, and customer account management. Key components of the solution included:

  • Integration of Segment: This facilitated a unified view of customer data, enabling more personalized and efficient customer interactions.

  • Migration from AS400 to Versonix Seaware: This transition was pivotal for enhancing online booking capabilities and embracing modern operational efficiencies.

  • Creation of a Modular Platform: Designed for flexibility, the platform improved operational efficiency and streamlined the deployment of new features.


The transformation spearheaded by Gangverk yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • Seamless Transition: Successfully migrated 30 years of legacy systems from AS400 to Seaware within a span of just two years, marking a significant leap in operational modernization.

  • Search Efficiency: By integrating Algolia, the search time for Seaware's API was dramatically reduced from 60 seconds to an impressive 200 milliseconds, substantially improving the product and user search experience.

  • Enhanced System Reliability: Achieved a 99.99% uptime with the Seaware system, significantly boosting the reliability of online booking and payment channels.

  • Smooth Migration Process: Managed a low-impact migration that facilitated quick feature deployment post-release, ensuring minimal disruption to operations and user experience.


Through the strategic overhaul of its digital platform, the luxury expedition cruise company now enjoys a scalable and efficient digital ecosystem. This new infrastructure not only aligns with the company's modernization goals but also lays the groundwork for reduced operational costs and enhanced agility in responding to market innovations.


Victor Velton, CEO of Versonix, praised the project as "One of the most successful Seaware launches ever.”

Lessons Learned

This case study underscored several critical insights:

  • The foundational importance of a robust digital platform infrastructure for modern business operations.

  • The strategic value of a seamless migration strategy that minimizes impact on daily operations and customer experience.

  • The benefits of adopting modular, scalable solutions to facilitate ongoing digital transformation efforts.

  • The necessity of reevaluating and modernizing legacy systems early in the digital transition process to avoid perpetuating outdated inefficiencies.

Is your digital infrastructure in need of a transformation? Gangverk is here to guide you through the complexities of modernizing your online services and enhancing operational efficiency. Our expertise in platform development and migration can help you achieve a seamless, robust digital presence tailored to your business needs. Contact Gangverk today to embark on your journey toward digital excellence.



Douglas Cirillo

Head of Marketing

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