Gangverk Recognized with Prestigious 2023 Presidential Icelandic Export Award

Gangverk has been honored with the esteemed 2023 Presidential Icelandic Export Award. This recognition highlights Gangverk's outstanding contributions to the field of digital transformation and our dedication to driving innovation.

Gangverk has been honored with the esteemed Presidential Icelandic Export Award. This recognition highlights Gangverk's outstanding contributions to the field of digital transformation, our dedication to driving innovation, and our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services to clients across various industries.

The Presidential Icelandic Export Award, presented annually for 35 years running, celebrates companies that have demonstrated remarkable success in exporting Icelandic products, services, and expertise to international markets. Gangverk's achievement in receiving this esteemed accolade further solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the field of digital transformation and highlights its commitment to excellence.

At Gangverk we specialize in transforming companies digitally and have done so with great success since 2011. Our journey began when we were commissioned to help the US media company CBS Radio distribute their stations to smart devices worldwide, an early testament to our ability to tackle complex technical challenges.

Since then, we’ve undertaken numerous large-scale projects, including revamping the digital journey for Sotheby’s, the world’s foremost auction house. Our seven-year collaboration with them has modernized their operations to the point where nearly all business is now conducted online.

Our ideology revolves around forming long-term relationships with our clients and empowering them to connect with their customers digitally, providing user-friendly and reliable solutions.

While Sotheby’s was our only client for a good period of time, we’ve since expanded considerably and started working with new clients, such as the global adventure travel agency, Lindblad Expeditions, TheKey, a leading US home care provider along with Kvika Bank and Play Airlines. 

We’ve ventured into our own product development as well with products like , and Sling , all of which have seen considerable success.

In a short span, we’ve grown remarkably, with a team of 120 talented individuals, working on digital product development. Though we’re primarily based in Iceland, our operations extend to 9 countries from Europe to the Americas, Asia and Australia

Last year, we generated around 2.2 billion ISK in revenue, marking an increase of over 75% in the past three years. Our workforce has tripled in the meantime, reflecting our consistent growth, boosted by increased business from current customers and new ones.

Looking ahead, we anticipate continued growth with exciting opportunities on the horizon. With our technology and expertise, we’re committed to preparing companies to meet the challenges ahead, participating in building the digital future. 

This is a testament to the exceptional dedication and expertise of our talented team at Gangverk. I am incredibly proud of the hard work and passion our employees bring to every project, as they are the true success factor behind our achievements.

Atli Þorbjörnsson, Founder and CEO of Gangverk


Einar Gustafsson

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