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The Gangverk team continues to go from strength to strength with the arrival of Nanna, Örn and Þröstur. They will all join the fast growing Lindblad team and have already started work.

Nanna Jónsdóttir

With years of experience as Product Manager with the Icelandic national carrier, Icelandair, and a degree in Business Administration, Nanna is exceptionally well qualified to take on the new role of Project Owner in the Lindblad team. 

Nanna’s vision of treating the earth better as well as humanity as a whole says a lot about how she approaches her work. Total ownership and responsibility ensure the best outcomes, every time.

Örn Arnar Karlsson

Örn is an experienced developer, educated in engineering and computer science. He will be joining the Lindblad team in a new position. Örn joins Gangverk after moving back home from Sweden, where he worked in Stockholm's fintech sector as a Netlight consultant.

Örn can easily hold his own on the basketball court but otherwise you’re likely to find him enjoying board games with friends after cooking a restaurant level meal and sipping fancy beer.

Þröstur Berg

Þröstur is a full stack developer (although he’s hesitant to use that cool phrase himself) and will be joining the newly formed Lindblad team in a new position. For the last 6 years Þröstur has a worked as an independent consultant, mainly for the banking sector and before that he worked for Advania with multiple clients in different sectors. 

When Þröstur is not chilling out watching great movies you can find him travelling around the country in trying circumstances or enjoying the weather and sights abroad. Contrary to Örn, Þröstur enjoys boring beer.

“We’re fortunate to have Nanna, Örn and Þröstur join us here at Gangverk. Each of them comes with a lot of experience and they fit in perfectly from day one. They’re all joining the Lindblad team which has already produced some amazing work. Things are only beginning for that team so we're very excited for what's ahead” said Oli Stephensen, Gangverk’s head of client relations and strategy.

Want to work with Nanna, Örn and Þröstur? We’re always on the lookout for amazing people. 

About Gangverk

Gangverk is a Reykjavik and New York based, full service digital agency, specializing in large scale, end-to-end solutions for established companies with international operations. Clients include Sotheby’s, CBS, Kvika Bank, Icelandair and Lindblad Expeditions.For more information find us on LinkedInInstagram and Facebook or get in touch through hello@gangverk.is