Icelandair and Zaelot: A Partnership for Technological Empowerment

A Case Study

Published: February 15, 2024

Updated: May 22, 2024

Explore the successful partnership between Zaelot and Icelandair, showcasing how strategic Salesforce solutions and team integration have driven digital transformation and operational efficiency.


This case study explores Zaelot's partnership with Icelandair, one of the premier airlines known for its dedication to customer service and operational efficiency. Faced with unique internal challenges, Icelandair sought Zaelot's expertise in Salesforce solutions and its capability to quickly scale teams with highly skilled professionals. This narrative highlights the journey of addressing critical obstacles and achieving digital empowerment, emphasizing Zaelot's crucial role in enhancing Icelandair's technological and operational frameworks.


Icelandair, at a critical juncture of its digital journey, encountered a series of challenges that threatened to hinder its progress. The departure of a senior member presented an opportunity for Icelandair's internal team, which was at a crucial stage of development requiring seasoned members to guide solutions and team dynamics. In a country with a relatively small developer market, such as Iceland, finding and integrating specialized talent swiftly was a daunting task, especially when the need was for skilled Salesforce Senior Developers, Marketing Cloud Developers, and an Architect.

The stakes were high, as Icelandair's Salesforce Implementation was not just a technological project but a core component of their customer experience strategy. It involved handling sensitive data and had a direct impact on the lives of thousands of customers. Furthermore, the need extended beyond individual contributions; Icelandair required a partner who could not only scale quickly but also bring strategic leadership to elevate their internal team's capabilities.

Additionally, Icelandair sought to broaden the scope of partnership, necessitating additional Front-End developers to seamlessly integrate into their web team. This multifaceted challenge called for a partner who could not only provide technical expertise but also embed themselves as a core part of Icelandair's team, ensuring a harmonious and effective collaboration.


Zaelot addressed Icelandair's challenges with a strategic and holistic approach, emphasizing both immediate solutions and long-term success. The initial step involved deploying a team of two Consulting Architects to spearhead the project. This move was pivotal in establishing a clear roadmap and laying the groundwork for an effective Salesforce solution tailored to Icelandair's unique requirements.

Once the strategic direction was set, Zaelot streamlined the team to a single Architect role, ensuring a focused and consistent progression towards the defined goals. Parallel to this, Zaelot built a robust team of three senior Salesforce developers, handpicked not only for their technical prowess but also for their skills in team building and coaching. This approach was critical in ensuring the team's success not just as contributors but as mentors, enhancing the overall skill level and capabilities of Icelandair's internal team.

The senior developers provided by Zaelot excelled in delivering high-quality code, which was crucial in meeting Icelandair’s immediate needs and in setting a standard of excellence for future developments. This blend of strategic leadership, technical expertise, and a focus on collaborative growth underpinned the success of the solution implemented by Zaelot.


The collaboration between Zaelot and Icelandair led to significant and tangible results. Zaelot's team delivered consistent value and features to Icelandair's Salesforce ORG, aligning with and often exceeding stakeholder expectations. The Consulting Architects and Technical Architect provided continuous guidance, shaping solutions that enabled Icelandair to further its mission of providing smooth and enjoyable journeys to their customers.

A key outcome was the upskilling of Icelandair’s internal team. Through collaborative efforts, Zaelot's experts fostered an environment of growth and learning, significantly enhancing the team's proficiency in Salesforce and related technologies.

The relationship evolved into a deeply integrated partnership, marked by trust and collaboration. Over three years, this partnership not only sustained but also grew, with Zaelot becoming Icelandair's sole Salesforce Partner. This long-term commitment reflects the success and the value that Zaelot brought to the table, demonstrating their role not just as a service provider, but as a strategic partner in digital transformation.


The collaboration between Zaelot and Icelandair stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships in the digital domain. Over the course of three years, this alliance has not only addressed immediate challenges but has also paved the way for sustained growth and innovation. Zaelot’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions and fostering an environment of mutual learning and expertise has been instrumental in reinforcing Icelandair's position as a leader in customer service and operational efficiency. This case study exemplifies how the right partnership can extend beyond mere problem-solving to become a cornerstone of continuous improvement and digital excellence.


The success of the Zaelot and Icelandair partnership is echoed in the glowing testimonials and high satisfaction ratings from Icelandair executives. The Executive Sponsor from Icelandair remarked, “Zælot is an excellent partner all-round! They have helped us tremendously with solving problems for our users by implementing solutions in our Salesforce platform. Their team is very capable and offers a lot of Salesforce experience, which has helped as most of our in-house development team does not have many years of experience with Salesforce. The Zælot team also works with us as embedded members in the team so the collaboration is smooth. They are very proactive and thorough in their work. Highly recommend.”

Additionally, the partnership scored high in client satisfaction (CSAT) outcomes, with top ratings in areas such as partner engagement, value relative to resources invested, overall performance, communication effectiveness, risk management, and knowledge application of Salesforce products to business needs.

Lessons Learned

The journey with Icelandair has been rich with insights and learning experiences for Zaelot. Key lessons include:

    The Importance of Strategic Leadership: Providing high-level architectural guidance at the outset is crucial for setting a clear and effective roadmap.

    Skillful Team Integration: Selecting team members who are not only technically proficient but also adept at coaching and mentoring can significantly enhance the overall team capability.

    Long-Term Vision in Partnership: Building a relationship based on trust and mutual growth leads to sustainable success and positions Zaelot as more than just a service provider, but as a strategic ally.

    Adaptability and Flexibility: Being able to scale up and down as per the client’s needs while maintaining quality and consistency is vital in such partnerships.

These learnings have been instrumental in shaping Zaelot's approach to future projects, ensuring that each partnership is not only about meeting the current needs but also about setting the stage for ongoing success and innovation.

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Douglas Cirillo

Head of Marketing

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