Kvika Bank's Digital Transformation: A Modern Mobile Banking Experience

Pioneering the Future of Fintech in Iceland

Kvika Bank, the fastest-growing bank in Iceland, has embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey in partnership with Gangverk, a leading technology firm. This collaboration aims to equip Kvika Bank with cutting-edge fintech solutions, enabling them to meet the evolving needs of modern customers and stay ahead in the competitive banking landscape.

Driving Kvika Bank's Digital Innovation

The partnership between Kvika Bank and Gangverk has been a catalyst for innovation, optimizing the bank's backend systems and creating seamless onboarding solutions for customers. At the heart of this collaboration lies the development of the Kvika verðbréf app, a user-friendly mobile application that empowers customers to gain a comprehensive overview of their portfolios and conveniently track the performance of underlying assets.

Empowering Kvika Bank through Technology

Comprehensive API Solutions

Gangverk crafted a suite of API services integral to Kvika's app ecosystem, laying the foundation for future-proof banking experiences.

Auður: A Complete Digital Bank Experience

Gangverk delivered a robust platform combining website, mobile app, and backend services for Auður, enhancing online banking convenience.

Unified Portfolio Management

Gangverk's development of the Kvika app enables customers to effortlessly monitor their portfolios and asset performance, simplifying financial oversight.

Streamlined Customer Integration

Gangverk crafted a seamless onboarding platform for new customers, ensuring a welcoming entry into Kvika's digital banking services.

Technology Partnerships and Innovation at Kvika Bank

In our mission to revolutionize digital banking for Kvika Bank, Gangverk leveraged cutting-edge technologies and formed strategic partnerships to deliver a seamless, secure, and scalable banking experience. This transformation empowers Kvika Bank to meet the evolving needs of modern customers and stay ahead in the competitive banking landscape.

Amazon Web Services (AWS): Powering Digital Banking Excellence

Leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services, Gangverk provided a robust and scalable infrastructure that underpins Kvika Bank's digital ecosystem, ensuring high performance and security.

  • AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Provides scalable computing capacity in the Amazon Web Services cloud, allowing you to use virtual servers (instances) according to your needs.
  • AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR)Hosts our Docker container images in a highly scalable and secure environment.
  • AWS Relational Database Service (RDS)Powers complex, data-driven applications, ensuring durability, scalability, and easy management of database instances.
  • AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)Provides scalable object storage for data backup, archival, and analytics for digital assets.
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)A highly scalable container management service that simplifies running, stopping, and managing Docker containers on a cluster, ensuring efficient and consistent deployment of applications.
  • AWS CognitoProvides user sign-up, sign-in, and access control, enabling Kvika Bank to securely manage and authenticate users at scale.
“In our journey of digital transformation, Gangverk has been an important partner, enabling us to build advanced fintech solutions and redefine industry expectations.”

Kjartan Ásþórsson, Head of software development

Kvika Bank and Gangverk: Redefining Expectations in Digital Banking

Kvika Bank's partnership with Gangverk has been instrumental in their digital transformation journey, enabling them to redefine industry expectations and provide their customers with a modern, seamless banking experience. With many exciting projects underway, this partnership promises to continue delivering innovative solutions that shape the future of banking.

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