Gangverk's Commitment to Gender Equality

Upholding the Equal Pay Policy

Explore Gangverk's dedication to gender equality and fair employment practices through our adherence to the ÍST85 standard and the implementation of our Equal Pay Policy.

Gangverk firmly believes in promoting gender equality and ensuring fair employment practices. Our Equal Pay Policy is a testament to this commitment, ensuring all employees receive equal pay for equal work and enjoy equal terms of employment and rights for the same jobs or jobs of equal value, thereby eliminating any gender-based pay gap within our organization.

Creating a Desirable Workplace for All Genders

    Equal Opportunities for Everyone: Gangverk aims to be a desirable workplace for all genders, where everyone has equal opportunities in their work.

    Compliance with Legal Standards: Our Management commits to full compliance with the law and wage agreements. We have documented and implemented an equal pay system in accordance with the ÍST85 equal pay standard.

Continuous Evaluation and Improvement

    Yearly Audits by Independent Auditor: Gangverk has an agreement with an independent auditor to perform yearly audits on our Equal Pay Policy. Any identified areas for improvement in our salary structure are promptly rectified.

    Proactive Approach to Salary Structure: Our aim is that each employee is paid based on the value of their job, not their gender or other unreasonable attributes.

Gangverk's Commitments under the Equal Pay Policy

    Certified Equal Pay Policy: Implement and maintain a policy based on the ÍST85 equal pay standard.

    Annual Pay Analysis: Conduct pay analysis annually to ensure equal pay for equally valuable jobs.

    Addressing Gender-based Pay Gaps: React and rectify any unexplained gender-based pay gaps.

    Annual Internal Audits: Regular audits of the pay system and management for continuous improvement.

    Transparency and Accessibility: Make the Equal Pay Policy available on our websites for easy access.

Responsibility and Regular Review

    COO's Role: The COO is responsible for implementing, executing, and regularly reviewing the policy.

    Scope of the Policy: This Policy applies to all Gangverk employees in Iceland.

Join Gangverk's Commitment to Gender Equality

At Gangverk, we're not just creating software solutions; we're building a workplace where equality and fairness are at the core of our culture. If you're passionate about working in an environment that actively supports and practices gender equality, we'd love to have you on our team. Explore career opportunities with us and be a part of a company that values diversity and equal opportunities for all.

Discover more about our approach to gender equality and how it shapes our corporate culture. Visit our Careers Page to see how you can contribute to and benefit from a workplace that upholds the Equal Pay Policy and champions gender equality.