Data & AI: Revolutionize Your Customer Experience


Stripes Office, 40 10th Ave, Board Room & Rooftop Deck, New York, NY

Date and Time

March 7, 2024 at 19:00


Where innovation meets practicality—join us for an engaging in-person roundtable followed by a lively happy hour.

This gathering, nestled in the heart of New York at the Stripes office with breathtaking views from our rooftop deck, is the crucible where data meets AI to transform your understanding of customer experience.

Diving deep into how data and AI intertwine to enhance and innovate the ecommerce sphere, especially in luxury travel, this event promises not only insights but also real-world applications from leaders in the digital product management space, including the esteemed Richard McGovern from Lindblad Expeditions.


  • Transformative Insights: Explore how first-party behavioral customer data can be turned into powerful insights.

  • AI’s Impact: Delve into how AI is reshaping customer experiences across sectors.

  • Ecommerce Innovation: Hear from industry experts on driving innovation and enriching customer experiences in luxury travel.

Meet, mingle, and share perspectives with like-minded professionals and industry leaders such as Taylor James Ross from Marks Tower, and emerge with actionable strategies that you can implement to propel your business forward.

Spaces are limited for this exclusive event geared towards revolutionizing the way we think about data, AI, and customer experiences.


Richard McGovern

Vice President of Digital Product Management @ Lindblad Expeditions

Richard has a strong background in digital product and data management. His career is marked by significant roles in product development, data implementation, and marketing across various industries. He is passionate about using data and technology to enhance customer experiences, underlined by his tenure at places like A Place for Mom and Sotheby's where he focused on consumer data and insights.

Douglas Cirillo

Head of Marketing @ Gangverk

Douglas brings over 15 years of experience in implementing data-driven and technology-enhanced product and marketing strategies. With an MBA in Marketing, he specializes in the integration of advanced technologies such as CDP, martech, and MACH. His strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Twilio Segment and Contentful highlight his dedication to delivering superior service and cutting-edge solutions.

Tim Koeth

Senior Manager - Tech Partnerships @ Twilio Segment

Tim is experienced in event planning, fundraising, leadership development, and strategic partnerships. His current role involves managing Segment’s network of global tech ecosystem partners. Tim's career demonstrates a consistent focus on connecting technology with community building, making him an integral player in digital marketing and project management.

David DiGiammarino

Head of North American Partnerships @ Fullstory

David is recognized for his client-centric approach and expertise in business development, strategy, and marketing. His role involves ensuring that clients maximize value from innovative products, a commitment he has consistently demonstrated in his career. David's work is characterized by his high energy and focus on creating solutions that deliver measurable value.

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