Enhancing Airline Booking Experiences Through UX Insights

Published: March 19, 2024

Updated: May 22, 2024

Discover how FullStory's UX insights dramatically improved an airline's booking flow, reducing drop-offs at the payment step and boosting revenue potential.

In the competitive airline industry, where every booking counts, understanding and optimizing the online booking experience is key to success. A seamless and intuitive booking flow can significantly impact an airline's revenue and customer satisfaction levels. This article delves into a compelling case study of how an airline leveraged FullStory's UX insights to address a significant challenge: a high drop-off rate at the payment step of its booking flow. The insights gained led to targeted improvements, dramatically enhancing the user experience and resulting in a noticeable increase in successful bookings.

The Challenge of Drop-offs in Booking Flows

The airline industry constantly seeks ways to enhance the customer booking experience, aiming to convert browsing into bookings efficiently. For one leading airline, a perplexing challenge emerged: a nearly 48% drop-off rate at the payment stage of the booking process, a critical point where potential bookings turned into lost opportunities. Initial analyses suggested various potential causes, from sticker shock due to final pricing to customers comparing offers with competitor airlines. However, without clear insights into user behavior at this pivotal step, strategies to combat these drop-offs were based more on speculation than solid evidence.

As a leading provider of UX and UI solutions, Gangverk is well-equipped to analyze and address these types of challenges, turning them into opportunities for growth and improved customer satisfaction.

The Power of FullStory in Understanding Users

Enter FullStory, a tool designed to bridge the gap between guesswork and actionable insights. With Gangverk's deep understanding of user-centered design and the power of analytics and session replays provided by FullStory, we can accurately and effectively identify user experiences that need refinement. For the airline, FullStory provided the means to go beyond surface-level analytics, offering a deep dive into the nuances of user interactions. This level of insight is invaluable for identifying not just what users are doing, but understanding the context and frustrations that lead to drop-offs.

Enhancing Airline Booking Experiences Through UX Insights

Aligning Objectives for the Proof of Concept

The collaboration between the airline and FullStory began with a clear objective: to understand the root cause of the high drop-off rate at the payment step. The proof of concept (POC) focused on deploying FullStory's tools to capture and analyze user interactions during the booking process. The goal was to move beyond hypotheses and uncover concrete evidence of user behavior patterns that could inform targeted interventions. This strategic approach allowed both teams to focus their efforts on analyzing data that would yield the most impactful insights.

Unveiling the Hidden UI Issue

The insights gained from FullStory's analysis were revealing. Contrary to the initial assumptions that drop-offs were primarily due to price sensitivity or comparison shopping, the data pointed to a more technical culprit: a UI issue that prevented users from successfully completing their payments. Users with high intent to purchase were attempting to submit their payments but were met with an error message that was not visible in their viewport. This lack of feedback left users confused and frustrated, leading them to abandon the booking process altogether. Identifying this issue was a pivotal moment, highlighting a specific and solvable problem within the booking flow.

The Impact of UI on User Behavior

Understanding the impact of UI on user behavior is crucial for online platforms, especially in high-stakes environments like airline bookings. The FullStory analysis underscored a critical lesson: even users with a strong intention to purchase can be quickly deterred by poor user experiences. This particular UI issue not only prevented transactions but also damaged the overall perception of the airline's digital platform. The findings from FullStory provided a clear direction for improvement, emphasizing the importance of a functional and user-friendly interface in converting high-intent users into successful bookings.

Strategic Corrections to Enhance UX

Armed with specific insights from FullStory, our team at Gangverk was able to apply our UX and UI knowledge to implement targeted corrections to the airline's booking flow. This direct approach, informed by Gangverk's deep design experience, made the booking process more intuitive and less stressful for potential customers.

The solution involved making error messages visible and understandable to users, along with streamlining the payment process to eliminate any unnecessary steps or confusion. These strategic corrections addressed the identified friction points head-on, making the payment process as seamless as possible for users. The improvements went beyond merely fixing a technical issue; they enhanced the overall user experience, making it more intuitive and less stressful for potential customers.

FullStory’s Role in Identifying and Solving Problems

FullStory's role in this process was invaluable. By providing detailed session replays and analytics, FullStory enabled the airline to move from identifying a problem to understanding its root cause and implementing a solution. This case exemplifies the broader value of FullStory in enhancing UX: it not only identifies issues but also facilitates a deeper understanding of user behavior, enabling businesses to make informed decisions that significantly improve the digital experience.

Leveraging our UX and UI expertise, we don’t just identify issues - we design and implement solutions. Our collaboration with FullStory allows us to apply our knowledge to deliver improved experiences, resulting in tangible business benefits for our clients.

Revenue Impact of Addressing UI Issues

The implications of addressing the UI issue were profound. By removing this significant barrier to booking, the airline opened the door to a substantial increase in bookings and, consequently, revenue. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of FullStory and Gangverk's expertise in UX and UI, the problematic UI issue was addressed, bringing about improvements in revenue and increased bookings for the airline.

Airport Lounge with Single Customer

Strengthening Brand Loyalty and Trust

A positive booking experience is fundamental to building and maintaining brand loyalty and trust among customers. Hand in hand with FullStory, the UX and UI professionals at Gangverk cleared the path for an enhanced booking experience, fostering customer trust and loyalty.

By addressing the identified UI issue, the airline not only improved its booking flow but also sent a clear message to its customers: their experience and satisfaction are of paramount importance. This commitment to enhancing the user experience can have long-lasting effects on customer perception, encouraging repeat business and fostering a loyal customer base. The role of FullStory in facilitating these improvements showcases the importance of UX in the broader context of brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Proof of Concept: A Success Story

The proof of concept with FullStory proved to be a resounding success. It demonstrated not only the value of FullStory's analytics in identifying and solving critical UX issues but also the potential for such interventions to drive significant business outcomes. This success story serves as a powerful testament to the impact of leveraging the right tools and insights to enhance the digital customer journey. It highlights a proactive approach to UX optimization, where data-driven decisions lead to improved user satisfaction and business performance.

Lessons Learned for the Airline Industry

This case study offers valuable lessons for the airline industry and beyond. It underscores the importance of understanding the user experience in detail, the impact of seemingly small UI issues on customer behavior, and the benefits of using advanced tools like FullStory for deep analytics and insights. Airlines and other businesses can take away the critical message that investing in UX and continuous monitoring can lead to significant improvements in customer satisfaction and business metrics.

The Significance of UX in Online Bookings

The significance of UX in the success of online booking systems cannot be overstated. In an industry where choices are plentiful and customer expectations are high, the quality of the digital experience can be a deciding factor for consumers. This case study illustrates how even minor UX improvements can have a major impact on conversion rates and overall business success. It serves as a reminder that in the digital age, the focus on user experience is not just about technology but about understanding and catering to human behavior and preferences.


The collaboration between the airline and FullStory, culminating inthe identification and resolution of a critical UI issue, highlights the transformative power of UX insights in the airline industry. By leveraging FullStory's comprehensive analytics and session replay capabilities, the airline was able to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem that led to high drop-off rates in their booking flow.

As experts of UX and UI, Gangverk partnered with FullStory to address high drop-off rates in the booking flow. This case study is a testament to how analytics and expertise in design can be used together for impressive business benefits. Investing in a deep understanding of the customer journey through tools like FullStory can unveil opportunities for significant enhancements to the booking experience.

As airlines continue to navigate the competitive landscape of the digital age, the focus on optimizing user experience emerges as a critical lever for business success. This success story serves as an inspiring example for others in the industry, demonstrating how targeted improvements, informed by detailed analytics, can lead to remarkable outcomes for both customers and companies alike.

Ready to elevate your airline's booking experience to new heights? Discover how Gangverk and FullStory can transform your analytics and data stack, offering unprecedented insights into your customers' journey. Reach out to Gangverk today to explore how we can apply our UX and UI expertise in conjunction with FullStory's analytics to improve your customer experience, reduce drop-offs, and drive significant revenue growth. Let our knowledge turn your insights into action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific UI improvements were made to enhance the booking flow?

Error messages were made visible and actionable within the user's viewport, and the payment process was simplified to ensure a smoother transition towards booking completion.

How does FullStory facilitate the identification of UX issues?

FullStory provides detailed session replays and analytics that allow companies to observe real user interactions, identify pain points, and understand the context behind user behaviors and decisions.

Can UX improvements directly impact an airline's revenue?

Yes, by addressing UX issues and streamlining the booking process, airlines can significantly reduce drop-offs, increase successful bookings, and thereby boost their overall revenue.

Why is customer trust important in the airline industry?

Customer trust, crucial for bookings and loyalty, is boosted by a positive experience, showing the airline values its customers and ensures a smooth booking process.

How can airlines continuously improve their digital experiences?

Airlines can continually enhance digital experiences by leveraging analytics tools like FullStory to gain insights into user behavior, conducting regular UX audits, and staying responsive to customer feedback and industry trends.



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