Connecting Flights, Expanding Possibilities: Dohop and Gangverk Announce Partnership

Published: April 23, 2024

Updated: May 22, 2024

Iceland's Gangverk and Dohop, united in vision. Their strategic partnership promises an exciting leap forward for air travel innovation.

We are excited to announce a pioneering partnership between Dohop, innovators in connecting flights technology, and Gangverk, experts in software development. This collaboration aims to broaden travel opportunities and services for airlines and travelers alike.

About Dohop: New Heights in Flight Connections

With roots extending back to 2004, Dohop has spent nearly two decades perfecting the art of connecting flights. Their mission is twofold: provide airlines with a marketplace to boost sales through expanded networks, and ensure travelers can easily manage connections to reach their final destinations. 

Dohop's self-connect technology is a game-changer, allowing airlines to sell connecting itineraries beyond their own networks. This capability was previously only available through global distribution systems, making it cost-prohibitive for low-cost carriers. By democratizing flight connections, Dohop empowers airlines of all sizes.

Charting a Course Together

The partnership between Dohop and Gangverk aims to accelerate growth for both companies within the airline sector. 

"Partnering with Gangverk is a pivotal move for us, allowing Dohop to focus on innovation in the flight connections space. Their expertise in software development and integration streamlines our processes and enhances our ability to grow and improve our core services."-David Gunnarsson

For Gangverk, partnering with Dohop provides an established foothold in the industry to complement our existing travel clients. We can leverage Dohop's strong brand recognition rather than building from the ground up.

For Dohop, the partnership enables them to focus resources on core product development while still supporting special client projects. Gangverk's agile teams can scale up or down to handle integration and customization needs as they arise.

Unity in History and Vision

This partnership has its roots in a shared history. Dohop's co-founder, Atli Thorbjörnsson, went on to launch Gangverk after his success with Dohop.

"By combining strengths, we'll amplify innovation in travel technology. This takes our relationship full circle and opens up new possibilities for both companies."-Atli Thorbjörnsson

Beyond this personal connection, both companies are focused on transforming the travel sector through technology. Gangverk has already spearheaded innovations with partners like Play Airlines and Icelandair.

By joining forces, we are combining Dohop's industry expertise with Gangverk's engineering capabilities to drive the future of travel forward together.

Gangverk and Dohop's Joint Expedition

This partnership will allow both companies to play to their strengths.

Dohop will contribute their established brand, network, and reputation in the airline industry built over nearly 20 years.

Gangverk will provide agile, scalable teams to support Dohop's professional services projects related to integration, customization, and more.

By aligning sales and marketing efforts, we will jointly pursue new business opportunities as well.

Collaboration and Exploration

This partnership combines two Icelandic travel tech innovators. Together, Gangverk and Dohop will unlock new possibilities for the future of airline travel.

We look forward to collaborating with Dohop to create new value for our clients and push the boundaries of what technology can do for travelers. The sky is truly the limit for what we can accomplish together!

Partner with Us: Elevate Your Business

For those of you inspired by the potential of this partnership and eager to learn how collaboration can drive transformation in your own sphere, we welcome your curiosity and your ambitions. Get in touch with Gangverk today to explore how a partnership can chart a new course for your business and the airline industry at large.

Together, let's push the boundaries of what's possible and lift your vision to new heights.



Douglas Cirillo

Head of Marketing

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