Expedition Cruise Website Revamp

A Case Study

Published: April 25, 2024

Updated: May 22, 2024

See how the luxury expedition cruise company's site revamp with Gangverk led to a 23% rise in leads and 30% more web bookings, enhancing UX and mobile access.

In a digital era where the first point of interaction between customers and businesses is often online, one luxury expedition cruise company recognized the need to overhaul their website to enhance user experience and lead generation. Partnering with Gangverk, they embarked on a mission to transform their digital presence.


The luxury cruise company faced multiple challenges with their existing website that impacted their marketing effectiveness and user engagement negatively. Key issues included:

  • Complex Navigation: Users struggled to find relevant information quickly, leading to frustration and potential loss of interest.

  • Slow Page Load Times: Extended loading periods resulted in higher bounce rates and diminished user satisfaction.

  • Outdated Information: The lack of timely updates on expeditions and offers diminished the site's reliability and appeal.

  • Inadequate Mobile Optimization: With an increasing number of users accessing the site via mobile devices, the lack of a mobile-friendly design deterred potential customers and impacted lead generation.


Gangverk's strategy focused on a holistic improvement of the website, targeting both the front-end user experience and the back-end content management processes:

  • Enhanced Marketing Subscriptions and Navigation: Simplified site navigation and integrated marketing subscriptions to ensure users could easily access information and engage with content.

  • Simplified Content Pipeline: Overhauled the content management process, allowing for quicker updates and better content relevancy.

  • Mobile-First Design: Prioritized a responsive design to ensure an optimal browsing experience across all devices, recognizing the growing trend of mobile web access.

  • Revamped Product Marketing: Introduced engaging visuals and interactive elements to captivate users and provide detailed, immersive information about expeditions.

  • Streamlined Booking and Checkout Process: Refined the pathway from expedition exploration to booking, reducing obstacles and integrating booking steps seamlessly with product information.


The comprehensive website overhaul led to impressive results:

  • Lead Generation: A 23% increase in new leads year-over-year demonstrated the site's enhanced capability to capture potential customer interest.

  • Operational Efficiency: The time required to publish new content saw a significant reduction, boosting the productivity of content editors and ensuring timely information updates.

  • User Engagement and Conversions: There was an 82% increase in users entering the booking flow through expedition pages and a 23% rise in bookings originating from these enhancements, indicating a successful alignment of product marketing and user experience design.

  • Overall Web Bookings: A 30% increase in web bookings highlighted the success of the mobile optimization and booking process overhaul in converting interest into action.


The strategic improvements implemented by Gangverk for the cruise company's website have dramatically increased lead generation and operational efficiency. By addressing critical aspects such as the content pipeline, booking process, and product marketing, the project significantly enhanced the user experience and conversion rates.

Lessons Learned

This case study underscores several key insights:

  • The critical importance of user-friendly navigation and a responsive, mobile-first design in engaging customers.

  • The benefits of integrating marketing tools and strategies directly into the website architecture to streamline the user journey from interest to conversion.

  • The impact of mobile optimization on enhancing user engagement and significantly boosting conversion rates.

Is your website not performing to its full potential? Partner with Gangverk to revitalize your digital presence. With our expertise in user experience, content management, and mobile optimization, we can help you create a website that not only attracts visitors but converts them into loyal customers. Contact Gangverk today to start your journey toward a more engaging, efficient, and successful online experience.



Douglas Cirillo

Head of Marketing

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